Conference: ADB Conference on Linking Financial Sector to the Real Economy
“Real Estate (Residential Property) Valuation using GIS Approach” 
Nov 2014;  Westin Hotel, Gulshan, Dhaka
Mohammad Syful HoqueMohammad Syful Hoque  Md. Esraz-Ul-ZannatMd. Esraz-Ul-Zannat

This study has been conducted with a view to estimate real estate asset prices to measure the real estate market that will suffice for constructing the FSIs on real estate sector (encourage set). We have taken land as real estate asset and approached for land valuation. However, the relative lack of experience in constructing real estate prices and indices, mostly lack of information delay implementation of the needed land valuation activities. We have developed models for Khulna city land value distribution and analyze their implications for spatial structure. This study sets a theoretical and practical step by step approaches to develop the ability to add factors of asset valuation as attribute information and at the same time to place into GIS database and perform GIS data analysis, maintenance, graphic output and immediate access.Then we analyze the important factors of land value models for Khulna spatial structure, and the last section is the conclusion and a training manual prepared for this study.