Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): 2015-2018
UTS Business School, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
PhD course on Social Determinants of Health -2014
Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis (Health Economics and Policy) – 2012
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, Spain
Master of Science in Economics- 2011
Stockholm University, Sweden
Master of Social Sciences in Economics-2008
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics-2007
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

1. Lecturer:May, 2011- till date (On leave)
Department of Economics, Southeast University, Bangladesh
2. Research Assistant (Remote):September, 2014- till date
International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
3. Research Assistant:February 2014- April 2014
Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, Denmark
3. Academic Coordinator (Part Time):November 2012- January 2014
Department of Economics, Southeast University, Bangladesh
4. Consultant (Part Time):September 2013- December 2013
Sushasoner Jonno Pracharivjan (SUPRO), Bangladesh
5. Research Associate (Part Time):November 2012- August 2013
Human Development Research Centre (HDRC), Bangladesh

AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS: 1. International Research Scholarship (IRS) fromUniversity of Technology, Sydney (UTS):2015-2018
2. PhD Scholarship from Capital Markets CooperativeResearch Centre (CMCRC), Australia: 2015-2108
3. Research Stay Grant: Aarhus University Research Foundation, Denmark -2014
4. World Health Organization (WHO) full conference on Health Promotion, Finland-2013
5. La Caixa Foundation – Barcelona GSE Merit Scholarship, Spain: 2011-2012
PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE:Invited speaker on the topic of “Inequity, health and economics: What are the policy implications?” at
the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion, Helsinki, Finland, June, 2013: Jointly organized by
World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Social Welfare and Health, Finland.
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9. Uddin, J., Hossin M.Z and Pulok, M.H.(2015)” Couple’s concordance and discordance in household
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1. Co- Investigatorof the research project “Misuse of Antibiotics in Bangladesh: An Application of
Audit Study” Funded by Social Science Research Council (SSRC), Ministry of Planning, Government of
Bangladesh. (January 2014 –April 2015)
2. Co-Investigatorof the research project “Dynamics of Smoking Behaviour among Urban
Adolescents and Young Adults in Bangladesh: Peer Effect and Family Influences” Funded by the
Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs (BCCP) and the Institute for Global Tobacco Control based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA. (January 2014-December, 2014)
3. Team leaderof the consultancy project titled “Baseline Survey-2013: Tax, Tax Gap and Tax System
in Bangladesh” Funded by Oxfam and study undertaken for SUPRO (September, 2013-December,
4. Co-Investigatorof the study titled “Socioeconomic Background and Educational Performance of
SEU Students”. (January 2013 – December 2013). Department of Economics, Southeast University.
5. Research Associatein the study titled “Households Survey in 3 Districts of Bandarban, Khagrachari
and Rangamati in Chittagong Hill Tracts: 2013” CHTDF-UNDP, Bangladesh.