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PhD  Natural Resource Economics, University of Guelph (1991), Canada
MSc (1987) Agricultural Economics,  University of Guelph, Canada  
MSS (1981) Economics, University of Chittagong, First Class First
BSS (1980) Honours Economics, University of Chittagong, First Class First  

Expertize Area:
Institutional Affiliation:

Professor of Economics, East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2014- to date)
Director (Honorary), Asian Center for Development, Bangladesh (2012 to date)
Director (Honorary), Economic Research Group, Dhaka (2004 to date)
Director (Academic), Insight Institute of Learning, Dhaka (Nov 2013 – to date)
Executive Director, Economic Research Group, Dhaka (2007-2012)

Research and Advisory Services:

MFF research grant management (2015)
IUCN ecosystem services research (2012,2014)
CREL, Dhaka for advising on ecosystem services research
UNDP fund for developing climate and disaster vulnerability index for BD, 2013
ADB research study on energy pricing 2012
UNDP Evaluation of activities in Bangladesh
IIED research grant 2011
INM Research Grant 2009-10
BIFC-IFC research fund 2008-2010
PREM research fund (2004)
SDPI research fund(2004)
BMZ-GTZ evaluation of activities in Bangladesh
BBS-UNDP fund (1998-99)
BIDS-UNDP fund (2000-2001)
SANEI-GDN fund (a (2001)
BBS-UNDP fund (2001)
SANEI-GDN fund – 2002
BBS-UNDP fund 2002

Scholarly Writings

by A.K. Enamul Haque


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Annual Assessment Report 2011 on UNDP’s activities in Bangladesh from 2007-2010 period. Assessment team led by Dr. Quazi Shahabuddin, Dr. Binayak Sen, Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, Dr. Amena Mohsin and Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque. ADR Bangladesh 2011 Executive Summary

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