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MSc Economics, University of Surrey, UK 
MSS (Masters) in Economics,  University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
BSS  (Honors)  in Economics,  University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Economics, East West University, Bangladesh
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“A seasoned consultant who is highly adaptive, innovative and a fast learner, which is why he, as a Project Manager and MRM & Evaluation expert, is able to design and deliver high quality technical services with a variety of projects each operating in unique conditions”

Mr. Hoque has more than 12 years of professional experience in sustainable development specific to private sector development in agriculture and non-agriculture sectors, monitoring and results measurement (MRM), project evaluation and impact assessment. His greatest advantage is his expertise and skill both as a project manager as well as a MRM & Evaluation Expert. As a development consultant, he has worked for World Bank, IFC, ADB, BRAC, PwC, Business Innovation Facility (BIF)-UK, ICF-International-UK, WaterAid, CARE, Tobacco Free Kids (TFK)-USA, CLASP International-USA, Payra Port Authority-GoB etc. Working in many projects with these clients he understand the practical challenges of implementation that a large project manager faces. The project management experience also helps him designing effective MRM systems using result-frame and taking effective strategic directions for decision-making and improved performance. His knowledge of economics and development subject matter would also make him a great addition to use economic rationale, ToC, log-frame to project design and implementation of donor funded programmes. Besides his consultancy career, he has served as an Executive Director and Head of Research (Jan-Dec 2017) to a local R&D institute, New Visions Solutions Limited (NVSL), as Research and Evaluation Coordinator (Jan 2014- Dec 2015) at IFC-World Bank Group and Senior Research Associate (Nov 2012- Dec 2013) at BRAC. He also taught Economics, Mathematics and Statistics courses in several local private universities, including East West University (EWU), American International University (AIUB) and Daffodil International University (DIU).

A Private Sector and Market Development and a Value Chain Expert!

He has also adept business, market & value/supply chain development consulting experience in both agriculture and non-agriculture arena (in relation to both product and services) in rural and urban sectors. The other range of activities that he can support include exploring products and services poor people use to earn a living, development and uptake of inclusive business, market and trade models, identifying barriers which prevent the poor people and businesses from participating fully in the markets, provide technical assistance to businesses and other market players in taking initiatives or activities that have the potential to be replicated and scaled up for a systemic change in the market system and reforms and policy formulations of regulatory issues, quality and competitiveness.

He has obtained training programs on Research Design, Project Management, M&E, Economic Modeling, Impact Evaluation (RCT) and statistical software packages (i.e. STATA, Excel & GIS). I have experience in drafting all forms of academic writing including, journal articles, book chapters, policy documents, country reports, project reports, literature reviews and cases studies. He has also vast pragmatic experience in designing and implementing nation-wide surveys (including mobile/tablet-based survey using ODK) and analyzing large data sets using STATA, SPSS, ArcGIS, MatLab and Excel.

An efficient strategist with a combination of skills & expertise both as project manager & monitoring, results measurement & evaluation expert!

This unique combination of skills and experience makes him a “Seasoned Consultant” who is highly adaptive and a quick learner with excellent interpersonal skills, which is why he is able to design and deliver high quality technical services with a variety of projects each operating in unique conditions. His primary research and development works relate to Project Management, Monitoring & Results Measurement (MRM), Evaluation & Impact Assessment, Private and Market Sector Development in agriculture and non-agriculture sectors,  Market value Chain, Market Research, SME & BOP, semi- industrial manufacturing sectors development economics (Agriculture, Health & Nutrition, WASH & Faecal Sludge Managemet (FSM), Energy & Agriculture), Sustainable Development, Economic and Development Research, Policy and Advocacy, Financial Economics and Real Estate, Housing and Urban Development for developing countries. 

Public Sector Institutional, Advocacy Capacity Development Expert!

He provided technical assistance and policy support to public institutions like Bangladesh Bank (BB), Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Ministry of Finance (MoF), Payra Port Authority, Directorate of Land Record and Survey Department (DLRS), Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) and Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL) while conducting many different projects. He has also experience in managing experts and coaching as per guidelines of the donors, allocating resources based on project needs, Implementing projects within timelines training staff etc. and Skilled in designing workshop, delivered Training of Trainers (TOT) and presentations.

His prime interest evolves in the partnership coordinator role for helping international NGOs and donor organizations to work in cross-sector partnership with monitoring and result measurement (MRM) and Evaluation  & Impact Assessment companies to deepen their partnerships, making full use of the range of resources available from each other. This led him to appreciate creating knowledge and technology access through field experiments, exploring ways to induce people in developing countries to adopt low-cost efficient technologies & behaviors that are likely to be productivity and welfare improving in private sectors, agricultural, health and nutrition, industry, energy and real economic sectors.

Research Article:

Journal Article / Dissertation / Course Work / Reports / Newsletter / other Publications

  • Malek MA, Hoque MS, Yesmin J and Haque ML, 2016. “Can cereal based cropping technologies only improve food and livelihood security of the poor small holders in marginal areas of Bangladesh?”– Book: Technological and Institutional Innovations for Sustainable Intensification of Smallholder Agriculture, Franz FW & Braun JV (Edt.), ISBN 978-3-319-25716-7, (Springer).
  • Hoque MS, Sugiyarto G., Raihan S., 2015. “Financial Soundness Indicators for Financial Sector Stability: A Tale of Three Asian Countries”Asian Development Bank Publication, ISBN 978-92-9257-085-9 (Print), 978-92-9257-086-6 (e-ISBN), Publication Stock No. RPT157598-2.
  • Hoque MS, 2016. “An appropriate Property valuation technique for effective property tax systems in developing countries: A cost-effective, cadaster data and Raster-GIS based approach” – Under review at Journal of Real Estate Literature, American Real Estate Society (ARES).
  • “Real Estate Asset (Land) Valuation using GIS technique: Spatial Distribution of Land Values for Khulna City, Bangladesh”- January, 2014 (Project Report) -under the “Technical Assistance of Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Compile and Analyze Financial Soundness Indicators for Investment Climate Assessment, ADB, Manila”.
  • MSc Dissertation, Surrey University, September 2012. “The Impact of Futures Trading on the Volatility of the Spot Market for Commodities: Evidence from the USA Commodity Exchange Markets”.
  • Course Paper: Advance (Micro-founded Macro) Economic Theory: “Building DSGE models and analyzing the Impulse Response Functions for RBC and NK models calibrating parameters” using Matlab and Dynare software.
  • Course Paper: Econometrics: Estimation & Testing of a Multi-Sector Model of Employment using OLS, SURE, Pooled Mean, Fixed & Random Effect techniques uses a panel of observations for forty industrial sectors of UK.
  • Course Paper: Financial Econometrics: Modeling & Testing Stock Returns in OECD Country using ARIMA, ARCH, GARCH techniques. The data set consists of monthly share price indices for 30 OECD countries over the period Jan1960 to Feb2002.
  • Course: Empirical Methods in Energy Economics: Modeling Energy Demand using ARDL, PAM, ECM for Danish industrial sector (1978 – 2008).
  • Course: Energy Economics & Technology: Preparing Energy Balances for Spain. In this study, an energy balance table is presented employing techniques for compilation of reconciliation of data on all energy entering, exiting, transformed and used within the national territory of Spain during the reference period 1990 & 2009.
  • Course: Energy Economics & Technology: This document provides a summary of current Electricity generation methods, processes for efficient energy conversion into electricity, emission reduction technologies for the UK Electricity.
  • Hoque MS, “An analysis of the wage gap in the formal & informal labor market in Bangladesh.”- December, 2013 (Awarded as “Best South Asian Young Scholar” for this concept note presented on the “55th annual conference of the Indian Society of Labor Economics” organizing by Centre for Economic Studies & Planning, Centre for Informal Sector & Labour Studies & Indian Society of Labour Economics of JNU. (Continuing)
  • Business Confidence Index 2015-16 for Bangladesh: Hoping Better for Tomorrow”, BUILD.
  • “Socio-economic condition of Bidi industry workers & tobacco farmers in Bangladesh”, July 2010, Policy Brief, Unnayan Shamannay& Tobacco Free Kids, USA.
  • Stocktaking the Effectiveness of PATT activities: pre & post-budget analysis, June 2010, Policy Brief, Unnayan Shamannay& Tobacco Free Kids, USA.
  • Worked as Assistant Editor in 34 pages “Paribesh Patra” (An environmental periodical) Issue 1-2 January -March / June – July 2010.
  • Worked as Assistant Editor in 16 pages quarterly newsletters “Tobacco Economy”, April 2010, Unnayan Shamannay& Tobacco Free Kids, USA.
Membership of Professional Bodies:

  • Member, The Centre for International Macroeconomic Studies (CIMS) and The Surrey Energy Economics Centre (SEEC), University Of Surrey, UK
  • Member, Economics Study Centre, University of Dhaka & Dhaka University Alumni Association
  • Bangladesh Economic Forum (BEF); Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA)
  • Member, Indian Society of Labour Economics, (ISLE) and South Asian Regional Network (SARNET)