Client: PwC-UK & Tufts University-USA

IP3 is contracted to support PwC-UK, BIF-UK and Tufts University- USA for Impact Evaluation of HALOW+ project by conducting Mid-line & End-line Surveys using user-interfaced ODK based tablets. HALOW+ project has been created to empower RMG workers, particularly women, improving individual and community health, increase factory productivity and strengthen urban health systems across RMG factories in Bangladesh. HALOW+ partnership of multi-party institutions PwC, Business Innovation Facility (BIF-DFID fund), CARE, Tufts University-USA, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK); and Marks and Spencer (M&S) has following objectives
<a href=”#”> Objective 1:</a> Improve RMG worker health awareness and practices through training worker champions and improving access to health and related services.
<a href=”#”> Objective 2:</a> Strengthen factory systems by improving worker-management dialogue with a particular focus on improving health services and supporting policies.
<a href=”#”> Objective 3:</a> Empower communities to effectively represent and address issues of RMG workers and community members through establishing Community Support Groups and linking with other existing support networks as well as local institutions and structures
<a href=”#”> Objective 4:</a> Create a scalable model by measuring and documenting impact & learning, and sharing evidences, including business return on investment (ROI) and attribution data