Client: Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA)
Duration: February to June 2019.

Project detail: The main objective of the project is to increase income of honey producers through sustainable honey processing and marketing of honey based products. Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA) is the partner organization (PO) for this project.
Other objectives of the project is –
• Skilled Training for Bee farmers and Honey Crop Producers
• Bee Product Development and Marketing
• Introduction of modern Technology
• Awareness development for Beekeeping and Bee product diversified production and its uses.
• Employment generation and enhanced crop production.
The major objective of the study is to determine achievement, impact, outcomes, sustainability and effectiveness of the project. As per the ToR, main objectives of the study are as follows:
1. To collect present information of the target people (Beekeepers and Honey crop producers) of the Project area.
2. Assets and income analysis of the Beekeepers after completion of Project.
3. Assess and analyze the range of quantity and quality honey production by the selected Beekeepers in the Project area.
4. Development and extension of honey marketing of the Beekeepers produced honey and make a mathematical over view in the Global context.
5. Employment generation in the Beekeeping and Honey sector after the completion of Project.
6. Investigate the cumulative enhancement of sales revenue through value chain assistance and activities thereby.
7. Most of the entrepreneurs are continuing their activities after getting 3 years assistance from the project.
8. Impact of Mustard and Litchi production due to project implementation.
9. Extension of land under honey crop production by the honey crop producers due to project implementation.
10. To indicate the established network and/or coordination with 6 nos. of Agricultural subsector viz. Equipment suppliers, Producers, Processors, Retailers, Exporters and Service providers).
11. Involvement and achievement of small beekeeping entrepreneurs with big business.
12. Achievement of small Beekeeping entrepreneurs in the field of business management, operation and market promotion.
13. Status and achievement of accepting proposed technology by the small Beekeeping entrepreneurs through the project.
14. Analyze the achieved results in favor proposed activities in the Project document.
15. Assess the Social and economic impact during the implementation of the project activities.