Sector: Real Economic Agents -Non-Financial Corporation 

Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Project Details:

A robust and healthy financial system is a requirement to ensure a successful economic development for any country. Global Financial Crisis of 2008 once again proved this truth. We provided service to this project in three phases:


We assessed activities of national accounts with special focus on the financial intermediation sectors of the economy. We also analyzed Financial Balance Sheet information of 400 non-financial corporations from several economic sectors spanning across 5 major divisions. We prepared Survey & Indicator Development guideline for Bangladesh Bank (BB) and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) through extensive research for developing and compiling the NFCs’, Households’ (Pawnshop) indicators.


In phase-2, we conducted Real Estate (Residential Building and Apartment) Valuation using GIS Techniques for 5 major divisions of Bangladesh. In this phase too, we prepared a survey & indicator development guideline for Bangladesh Bank (BB) and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).


We prepared lecture materials and training manuals and organized seminars, workshops, Trainings and national conferences and presented findings on “Land Valuation using GIS technique: Spatial Distribution of Land Values for Khulna City, Bangladesh”. Moreover, we lectured in the training sessions and conduct the workshop too. We conducted the research wok and published the wok as working paper from ADB.