Sector: Monitoring and Evaluation

Client: SODEV Consult International Ltd.

Dhaka city, the capital city of Bangladesh, is not only the most populous city in Bangladesh but also one of the most populous cities around the globe. The city has a population growth 23,234 persons per square kilometer with an area of 300 square kilometers in total (, 2019).  Unfortunately, the rapid urbanization didn’t occur with proper planning. Such rapid and haphazard development are responsible for polluting environment in Dhaka city. The authorities of Dhaka city are struggling to maintain efficiently issues like solid waste management, wastewater management and drainage. As a matter of fact, this project has been designed to provide technical support to DWASA (Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority) and improve their capacity in sanitation through developing coordination among relevant agencies. We have developed M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) framework and also Result framework for Dhaka Sewerage Network. We have also monitored the overall planning activities regarding development of Wastewater Treatment Plant. However, we provided technical assistance to develop service delivery models in the area of ‘Project Non-network Sanitation Development’ and ‘Septage Management Project’.